Ionut Dobre

October 3rd – 1988
+1 202 492 6662

Professional Goal: Developing my computer programming and network engineer skills in a healthy competitive environment within an IT company.

2011 – 2013 – Master degree at Bucharest Polytechnic, Advanced Software Services department
2007 – 2011 – Automatics and Computer Science College, Politehnica University of Bucharest; my final year speciality is Information Technology where I attend courses like: Web Development, E-Commerce, Operating Systems, Management of Software Projects, System Programing for Computer Networks, Designing Computer Networks
2003 – 2007 – “Vasile Alecsandri” High-School, IT and mathematics department

o 2011 – 2012 – Teaching assistant for Mobile Software Development course at Bucharest Polytechnic.
o Third Prize at EUhackathon 2011 for the Internet Quality Track, that focused on allowing users to better understand the quality of Internet they are getting from their fixed or mobile operator. The application consists of a service that is called “ISP Rate” that would increase the transparency between the real services provided by ISP’s in order to increase competitiveness in the end-user’s benefit. The service has a web interface and a mobile application that can be accessed by users to check what ISP’s are available in their area (based on their current location). The ISP rating is based on a custom algorithm that takes into account basic and advanced network metrics and provides a real indicative of the quality of the service’s providing in that area.

o Advanced programmer in Java, JavaScript, C, Android SDK, PhoneGap SDK (mobile cross-platform framework)
o JavaScript Frameworks – BackboneJS, requireJS, nodeJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Jasmine, Sinon, qUnit, jQueryMobile, Grunt, Bower
o Technologies & Frameworks – Struts, Spring, Wicket, Hibernate, Tomcat, Pentaho BI Platform, Saiku Analytics
o Beginner programmer in Python, PHP, C++, Objective-C, iPhone SDK
o Very good knowledge of Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and database (Oracle, MySQL, mongoDB)
o Known languages: English-advanced, French-average

• 2010 CISCO: CCNA1 – Network Fundamentals Certificate, CCNA2 – Routing Protocols
• 2010 CISCO: CCNA3 – LAN Switching and Wireless, CCNA4 – Accessing the WAN
• 2013 MongoDB for Node.js Developers
• 2013 Google Analytics – Digital Analytics Fundamentals

AMPlify – Developing Android Mobile Applications – The Aid Management platform, developed by Development Gateway, tracks all aspects of a project from planning and preparation to execution and completion. It tracks financial information as well as information related to the location and physical progress (issues, progress, snapshots of project progress) of a development project. It is often important to track the exact location of a project and other details with regards to physical progress of a project. This information is essential for the implementing partners of the project that are responsible for overseeing the project implementation to ensure timely completion.
This is where the AMPlify mobile application is useful. The field officers who are responsible for overseeing the progress of a project would find it helpful to update information regarding a project right from the field location. However in some remote locations in developing countries Internet connectivity is not always available so the mobile application will allow the user to download the required project information when an Internet connection is available, make local updates on the phone and synchronization back the updates when back in a zone with Internet.
Formula 1 racing simulator – the project contains three components: the Viewer, who shows the cars, the Server, who deals with physical calculations and connects the Viewer with the last component AI module which deals with the race strategy.
Development of chess game – capable of choosing the best move following a MinMax algorithm with Alpha-Beta reductions. The project was developed by a team of four, me being team leader and responsible with assigning project responsibilities and combining the blocks of code.
IT Assistant – developing and maintaining a video tutorial website with various videos for both Windows and Linux: www.itassistant.org. Challenge: using the WordPress platform, optimizing SEO for keywords , speeding up the web site (add an expires or a cache-control header, gzip components, minify JavaScript and CSS, split components across domains, optimize images, optimize the order of styles and scripts), promoting the site through social networks, following statistics using Google Analytics.
My Compressed Bitmap – development of a C application, for compressing pictures in Bitmap format using Huffman compression. Challenge: using a priority queue for Huffman Algorithm.

Professional Experience :
June 2010 – present dateSenior Software Developer at Development Gateway Foundation
Where I have the following responsibilities:
• Developing software solutions (web and mobile applications) over a variety of platforms including Java, JavaScript, Android SDK, iOS SDK
• Development of visualization dashboards using Pentaho BI tools.
• Involved in developing a project build on opensource technologies for enhancing the ODA reporting capacities of EU member states.
• Involved in the development and implementation of different mobile tools for the IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) standard, mobile version of the Teamworks Application and dgMarket, an open procurement system tracking with more that $1 trillion worth of procurement notices.
• Manage servers running Red Hat/CentOS
• Perform routine audits of systems and software.
• Monitor and optimize systems stability, security and performance.
• Perform backups.
• Apply operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
• Install and configure new software.
• Answer technical queries.
• Responsible for documenting the configuration of the system(s).
• Troubleshoot any reported problems.
• Maintain antivirus and antispam filters/scripts.
• Work with DBA and web developers to fine-tune server configurations.
• Implement data harvesting scripts using screen-scraper.
• Design, development and deployment of independent web application modules using Sibutu and digijava frameworks.
• Develop and maintain test procedures and test platforms.
• Explore new software development technologies and techniques.
• Participate in requirements analysis and definition.

January 1st 2009 – June 2010 – IT specialist at GamesZone Services SRL
Where I had the following responsibilities:
• Maintaining a LINUX system (installing new packages, checking logs, daily maintenance of systems)
• Network configuration and supervision (configuring IP addresses, network traffic analytics, DOS attack blocking)
• Maintaining company servers (server install and configuration, plug-in programming, bash scripting)
• Technical support for clients via email.

June 1st 2008 – September 1st 2008 – Network administrator SC.INTFOR.SA
Where I had the following responsibilities:
• Ensuring network connectivity
• Responsible with financial and production reports

Other skils:
o fast learner, very adaptive, able to work in a team, able to prioritize tasks, working with deadlines, able to make decisions within a team. Personal Motto: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” (Epictetus – Greek philosopher).
o Drivers license: B category

Hobbies: computers, reading, sports